What is CryptiCA ?

CryptiCA intention is to lay out the foundation for a simple open-source certification authority (CA) and is used to experiment various technologies to see how effective they can be to reduce cross-cutting concerns for such application and provide interesting extensions to help with manual tasks.

Its main goal is will be the ease of deployment and use as we have found the available solutions to be quite hard and nebulous to deploy for non-knowledgeable users. It is quite a challenge as everything revolving about security is extremely varied and the concepts are hard to understand without reading tons of documentations about the topic.

Ideally, CryptiCA is to be available on a servlet container, will expose its API via web services for remote interaction and provides security, audit-trail, key archival and recovery, as well as a dynamic workflow to adapt the certificate dissemination to most corporate policies. And of course a good looking and easy to use interface. ;-)